Woman Parking

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It is rumored that women cannot park their car properly. In order to test that, you do not have to perform the actual thing. These days, there is a game that can help you prove whether the rumors are real or not. “Woman Parking” is a flash game intended to help you know how to park your properly. It is great most especially for women who want to prove that they can park a car accordingly. Not only that; you can have fun in playing the game.


Since it is only a flash game, there are no complicated controls to master. It means that you can learn how to park car easily. All you need to use is the arrow keys and the space bar and you are good to go. There are several levels that you need to conquer to let everybody know that you have what it takes to place your car in a parking area without getting into troubles.


They said that women are reckless when it comes in parking a car. Playing the game can solve the problem. If you think you can park your car properly, think again. Even though the controls are easy, there will come a time that it will get complicated so you should take note of it. The main goal of the game is to park your car without bumping to other cars around. Once you have done that, you can progress on another level and so on.


You can enjoy playing the game several times, but it will depend on your preference when it comes to its replay value.  Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable for everyone most especially for women. Learn how to park properly without having any troubles by playing the game. It has its own way of offering entertainment for you, which is why you need to take advantage of it. The best part of it is that you can be able to play it anytime you want because it is free.


Overall, “Woman Parking” can help you perfect your skills in car parking; at least in the game. It can offer the best fun and entertainment for you in order to help you get the satisfaction that you need. It can even help you to relieve the stress you have after a tiring day at work. Furthermore, it can ease your boredom in every way, which is why you should consider playing it. The best part of it is that it comes for free.

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Deadly Stunts

Great Fun And Entertainment Brought To You By “Deadly Stunts”

Deadly Stunts

Deadly Stunts opening screen

If you are into playing flash games, you should consider playing “Deadly Stunts”.  It is a driving/racing game that can help you ease the boredom. Also, it can offer fun and entertainment for you without stressing your mind. Compared to other more hardcore games, “Deadly Stunts” can provide relaxation for you. No need for you to solve puzzles or battle evil aliens just to completely enjoy your gaming experience. This particular game is all adrenaline rush plus the fun and laughs that you can have while playing it.


Deadly Stunts

Deadly Stunts Gameplay

Basically, the game will let your character ride a motorcycle and push your luck in becoming the champion. You can perform several stunts all by controlling your character’s movements. The controls of this flash game are very straightforward. You just need to use the arrow keys to direct your character to jump, do stunts and prevent it from ugly falls. You need to conquer all levels to emerge victorious. However, when the going gets tough and you cannot seem to control your character effectively, remember that you have three lives.


Deadly Stunts

Deadly Stunts Gameplay

Three lives can help you to finish each level even if you failed the first and second attempts. On first look, you might find the game boring. Nevertheless, once you play it, you will be eventually hooked up. You should try it for yourself if you want to relax and soothe your mind, and get rid of stress. Surely, the flash game can provide great comfort and fun for you. “Deadly Stunts” can be played for free, which is why you can play it anytime you want.


Deadly Stunts

Deadly Stunts Final Screen

You will never run out of laughs while you are playing the game. Sometimes, you just cannot control the character the way you want it, which result to some awkward crash position that most of the times are funny to look at. Some obstacles are also tough to conquer. You just have to deal with it in the best possible way. Nonetheless, for a flash game that can provide fun and entertainment at all times, it can deliver great results.


Furthermore, its replay value is great. Play it once and you will keep coming back for more. It is really fun and can save you from any stress that you might encounter from other hardcore racing games. Overall, “Deadly Stunts” is a great game to play. It has all the fun and excitement to provide entertainment for you. Additionally, it is one of the best free online flash games out now, which is why you need to try it. You will never go wrong once you play the game.

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Free Online Games: The heavy growing market of online games sites

Online gaming is a mechanism of connecting players or groups of players together. They are clamped mutually in a common network, like the World Wide Web. Players enjoy the ability of online games to connect them with other players through multiplayer type games and in occasional cases connected through single player mode whether your half way around the world. While online games benefit from players basing on their number, players staying online benefit through playing Free Online Games.
In previous time, online gaming sites have targeted young men or the hardcore gamers as their audience, and so they succeeded. Due to the emergence of many Free Online Games, online gaming sites give their audiences a chance to explore new horizon in the gaming industry. At the same time, they provide choices for different target markets other than the usual. The continuing improvement of technology follows the continuing growth of online games so does its market and target market. Comparing from past years, the market of online gaming sites have grown rapidly. Online games and online gaming sites significantly grew in number in response to the demand of its market. Presently they do not only cater for young men alone, but also for every possible market out there.
A factor that may have affected the daily market growth of online gaming is due to the convergence of online gaming with social networking sites. Since social networking sites have catered to most if not all market groups, the possibility of online gaming to expand is limitless. Recent reports show that gaming in social networking sites is dominated by women. Not only that they make up majority of the audience, these female audiences are as obsessive as or more obsessive than their male counterparts in terms of social gaming.
The gaming market is changing rapidly, a market that started with hardcore gamers, that is composed of mostly teenage male, expanded to casual gamers compose of older household that are in their mid 30’s and women  that takes up almost half of the gamer population. This fact is due to the expansion and continuous improvement of browser and social games. Web browsers are definitely the stage for online gaming. It is safe to say that browser games are the future of online games.
The explosion of new customers in online gaming to play simple, social and convenient games is amazing, which means that the population of gamers is booming. It is also true that hardcore gamers are migrating to mild and subtle games present in social networking and online gaming sites. Gamers like such love the idea of shifting to new platforms and the innovation it brings. Being able to play Free Online Games is the way to go for both gamers and developers alike. Because of the benefit convenience a web browser brings, it is definitely the destination of new age online gaming. The trend of online gaming both in online gaming and social networking sites brings about change, expansion and improvement, which means already established gaming companies should think of adapting to the future of online games.

Kingdoms at War: Conquest

Many wish to be kings of their own kingdom, to build and lead armies and bring destruction to those who oppose their will and to battle enemies for the freedom of the people. That wish has come into fruition, with Kingdoms at War.
Kingdoms at War is role playing strategy game. The is a free game created by Mochi Games, it was partially created as an application for iphones and ipod touch, but presently it is available in browser or in a flash game format. The game revolves in fantasy medieval time where the strong enslaves the weak, and in order for you to survive is to build your own kingdom with its own fearsome army. Upon entering the game you will be provided with your own land, you are able to edit and build your kingdom with your own blueprint in mind. You will be given an option to choose from three different types of kingdom with different attributes such as attack and defense power. These three classes are the Conqueror with the highest attack and least defense, Monarch class with a balanced attribute and last would be the Defender class with the lowest attack and highest defense.
When it comes to wars nothing is more important than having soldiers. You can have a blend of multiple types of soldiers or build a bunch of one type of army, it’s your choice. Units vary from cavalry, pikeman, battering rams and alike. You can also choose to train spies that can be used to scout an enemy castle, steal from them or to assassinate, to weaken the enemy forces. Be aware that different units have different strengths and weaknesses and different sets of skills. You can utilize its units abilities to gain you favor in every battle.
Much more important than having a strong army is a strong pocket, you need to gather gold and resources for you to build and strengthen both your kingdom and your army. You can use gold to build defenses for when you are invaded and improve your stronghold or you can use them to upgrade your buildings and create even more fearsome units. You can get gold through quests that will also give you the chance to get items and rare artifacts. Epic battles and attacking other kingdoms also prove to give you the resources needed. In order for you to easily succeed in quest and epic battles, you have the option to hire allies to increase your attack and defense power, for a greater chance of victory. Useful items and magic spells can also be utilized in the game.  Aside from gathering allies and building up your army, strategy is necessary in every battle, remember that not all battles are won, but every battle gives you a chance to improve and learn.
Kingdoms at War helps to build you’re strategic and leadership skills; it is after all a strategy game. It is your objective to gather alliances, build your army and complete quest. The ultimate goal in the game is for the player to be the strongest kingdom and to rule in ultimate supremacy

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Arcuz 2: The Story of the Arcuz game continues

Back for more hacking and slashing is the hero in Arcuz 2: Dungeon. This is the anticipated sequel of the original action role-playing game Arcuz. It continues with the hero’s quest to once again save the world one dungeon at a time. You will venture deep beneath the Arcuz village’s underlying dungeons to stop an evil demon lord from wreaking havoc.
Arcuz 2 is played like its predecessor strategy game. Arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys are used for movement and using space bar for interaction. To attack and jump, you will still use the J and K keys. In this game, you will still be able to perform quests for the villagers, most of the time running around in dungeons killing monsters in your way. It engages you in real time combat that lets you level up and gather skill points to new skills and abilities. A game tutorial is prepared in game like the previous Arcuz. Just remember to use all your skill points, level as you go and be alert to loot rare items that drops.
The game is pretty much the same as the original Arcuz. It has the same feel to the game, which is not necessarily bad, because it still features the Arcuz style of combat appeal and user interface, which is great. New skills are added in the skill tree, which means there are more combos to look forward to. In addition, you now have a companion in your quest. The hero is accompanied by an archer named Kimura, which can help you distract enemies and monsters. Kimura has the ability to play dead, heal himself and carry your items when your full, and most of all, he tells jokes.
The game still features the unique combination system. Whether it may be the original or the sequel, the combination system is one that makes this game unique, it also plays a vital role in the game. You do not only need to gather equipment, like weapons, armors and jewelry from monsters and shops, you need to enhance them as well. Weapons combined with crystals can have the capability to cast ice, thunder, poison and fire damage to enemies hit by the weapon. Armors on the other hand can have unique skills and increased chances of blocking and magic resistance. Enhancing jewelry gives you the opportunity to increase your damage and defense, chances to hit critical damage, add extra weight, even drop rate of items and more depending on the type of crystal and the combination you use.
The sequel provides just about enough skills and weapons to keep you occupied. Grinding however is still part of the game. You still need to gather enough level and strength to pursue stronger dungeons. Most of the time the game will require you to come back and forth in dungeons just to gain experience and level up, which is not a bad thing if you don’t hate the repetitive hacking and slashing of monsters. The game now has even more challenging bosses and levels, which means more excitement for hardcore fans of this game.
Unlike other sequels, this game doesn’t break its mold. It still contains its original format only with additional spice. Still the lack of innovation can’t stop a game from being fun. Arcuz 2 is definitely worth trying out.

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